Ironing Tips

  • Make sure the fabric about to be ironed is flat on the ironing board before picking up the iron. Ironing elevated lumps and folds will make more creases, making the shirt worse and prolong the ironing time.

  • When ironing, the fabric will be pressed and pushed, so other lumps will appear. Use one hand to apply pressure on the iron while moving it over target areas and use the free hand to constantly readjust the fabric while you iron, gently pulling out bunched up fabric and lumps, to ensure the iron doesnít create more creases.

  • To smooth out the fabric, gently pull the material perpendicular to the folds and creases, this will help to keep the fabric smooth for ironing.

  • Leaving the iron in one place longer than a several moments (depending on your material and the heat setting) can burn your fabric and leave you without a shirt. When you set the iron down to use both hands to readjust the shirt, set the iron in the vertical position so that the ironing plate is not on the ironing board.

  • Make sure you periodically check that you have water. If you donít see steam coming from the ironing plate while you iron, itís time to put in more water.
  • If you're not going to wear your shirt right away, be sure to hang it up on a hanger so that you do not wrinkle your freshly ironed shirt.

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