How to Iron a Dress Shirt Steps 1-5

Step 1: Collar - Outside: Start by laying the collar flat so that the outside of the collar faces up. Smooth out the fabric with your hands to make sure you don't create creases with the iron. Iron the collar section.

Step 2: Collar - Inside: Flip the shirt over and iron the inside of the collar in the same way.

Step 3.1: Shoulder - Find Seam: Find the outside seam at the bottom of the shoulder section.

Step 3.2: Shoulder - Fold: Fold the shirt right under that seam. Ensure the fold is along the seam as to not make stray creases.

Step 3.3: Shoulder - Iron: Ironing the shoulder section this way prevents creases at the top of the shoulders that donít align with the seams of the shirt. With your free hand continually pull out lumps and wrinkles to avoid creating more creases.

Step 4: Right Sleeve - Back: Lay the right sleeve flat using the seam at the bottom of the sleeve as a guide. and iron out the wrinkles. Note: It is important to carefully iron out wrinkles in the seams as well as open areas. Remember the seams around your shoulder and wrist, as they are noticeable, especially when reaching for a hand shake.

Step 5: Right Sleeve - Front: Flip the shirt over and repeat the same steps on the front of the sleeve. Remember the front side of the shirt is part of your visual presentation. To ensure it would be wrinkle-free, iron the front surface after ironing the back surface.

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