How to Iron a Dress Shirt Steps 6-10

Step 6: Right Sleeve - Cuff: If you think the sleeve’s cuff is still too wrinkled, you can unbutton the cuff, lay it out and iron the inside and outside.

Step 7: Left Sleeve: Repeat steps 4 - 6 for the left sleeve.

Step 8.1: Front - Right Inside Panel: Iron the inside surface of the right front panel, remembering to press the seams well.

Step 8.2: Front - Right Outside Panel: Iron the outside surface of the front panel. Insert the tip of the ironing board into the sleeve to help iron the seams and open areas. Start by ironing the top section of the front panel and slide the shirt to be able to iron the mid section and arm pit areas.

Step 8.3: Front - Right, Outside Panel: Readjust the shirt so the collar is at the tip of the ironing board and iron the rest of the front panel. Do not iron directly over the buttons as they may damage your iron and the buttons.

Step 8.4: Front - Left Panel: Iron the left front panel the same way (following Step 8.1-8.3). When ironing the front center seam be sure apply needed pressure as you slide the iron down the seam.

Step 9.1: Back - Right/Center/Left: To iron the back, lay the shirt so the outside faces up, with the collar end at the tip of the ironing board. Iron the right area of the shirt first, then move the shirt to iron the center and then the left areas.

Step 9.2: Back - Center Feature: To iron the center feature, lay the shirt so the inside faces up. Hold the collar with the free hand and slowly bring the iron up the feature, carefully avoiding more creases.

Step 10: Touch Up: Look over the shirt and make sure you did not accidentally make other wrinkles. If you did, simply iron them out.

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